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Chinese Academy of Engineering Research Group Field Survey Sunny Energy Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

On the morning of February 24th, Liu Xiaolong, deputy director of the Strategic Consulting Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Jianlong, assistant researcher of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, Liu Jian, director of the Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Zhiwei, director of the Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences, Han Hongyun, Zhejiang University Professor Han and other leading and authoritative experts, focusing on the investigation of the construction of the Sunny Energy Tonglu County 100 River town of photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation project and Tonglu County Heng Village Home solar power projects, in-depth understanding of the development of photovoltaic power generation in rural areas.

The total investment of about 100 million, the power generated by the power station into the Le Ming Village Poverty Alleviation Fund, the project by the Sunny Energy to bear the operation of the project, the use of Sunny Energy polysilicon photovoltaic, grid inverter and other products, Maintenance for 20 years.

In the survey, Mr. Jin Junhao, executive vice president of the solar energy business unit at Sunny Energy, gave a detailed account of the construction scale, operation management and investment income of the poverty alleviation project. In the face of this "blue terraced" Leaders and experts have praised Sonny Energy's outstanding achievements in the technological innovation and application of photovoltaic power generation and fully affirmed the company's work in the Pilot Project on PV Poverty Alleviation.

Photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation is a new model of photovoltaic applications, but also a pearl of precision poverty alleviation. The implementation of this project, so that poverty alleviation and development of new energy use, energy-saving emission reduction combined, both in line with precision poverty reduction strategy, but also in line with national clean low-carbon energy development strategy; both conducive to expanding the photovoltaic power generation market, but also farmers " good helper". Up to now, Sunny Energy only in the town of 100 on the construction of three photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, so that more farmers to enjoy the "sunshine income."

At present, Hengcun Du Ducun 69 households Sunny home solar power system has been installed to complete. Users to install Sunny home solar power equipment, enjoy 30 years of power generation income, from no electricity, but also selling money to make money, is the real "roof can make money" good project.

Looking at the residents of the small ocean upstairs on a piece of neatly arranged blue photovoltaic panels, leaders and experts in detail asked the sunny home solar power generation status, investment amount, the residents income and so on, and the Sunny Energy this "government, Enterprises, farmers, social "multi-party common benefit of the photovoltaic power generation model in the rural energy revolution in the positive contribution to be fully affirmed.

Today, photovoltaic and rural areas have collided with a new spark, home solar power is rapidly rising in the market, and gradually spread to millions of households. Since September 2016, "Sunny energy home solar power" investment since the full start, Sonny dealer family owners installed volume has reached more than 1,000 households, the prospects for a brilliant. Sonny Energy will also continue in the home PV market intensive, so that more families enjoy the new technology, new energy from the dividend.

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