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Gains the best /Sunny Energy on the list

On March 1, 2017, by the Zhejiang Economic Network, Xinhua Network Zhejiang channel co-sponsored by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Politics and Law, Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress Judicial Committee, Zhejiang Provincial People's Procuratorate, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department, Zhejiang Province Environmental Protection Department, Zhejiang Province, housing and urban and rural construction hall and so on more than ten official hall above the joint guidance organization of the "2016 Zhejiang PARKnet year's most popular enterprise honor list" awards ceremony held in Hangzhou. As a benchmark for new energy industry in Zhejiang Province, Sunny Energy in the many exhibitors stand out, and the 26th results on the list.

The selection of activities transparent and fair, efficient and rigorous, the entire event by the sea election, network voting and the relevant functional organs strict review, expert review, online publicity, the final score of the top 100 enterprises selected "2016 Zhejiang Baijia the most popular enterprises" honor List. It is reported that this is the province of 2016 gold content of the highest honor list! At the same time there are four seasons Green Garment Group Co., Ltd., Wan Lee Lee Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in Zhejiang.

In recent years, Sunny Energy adhere to the market-oriented, technological innovation as the core, corporate reputation and brand influence record highs. In 2016, the company "smart micro-network energy storage machine" equipment shipments the world's leading; "PV BIPV roof power generation system," the cumulative installed capacity of the country's leading; "home solar power generation system" dealers have basically covered Zhejiang Province, and gradually to the country radiation.

The "2016 Zhejiang year’s the most popular business," the success of the selected, is Sunny Energy in the entrepreneurial capacity, product quality, corporate reputation and other aspects of a high degree of recognition. Sonny Energy will continue to inspire innovation and development of the vitality and power to create credibility of the brand, set up industry model for domestic and foreign consumers to provide more market value and social significance of the product.

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