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Sunny Energy's 39.38 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Yuhang District has successfully passed final acceptance of construction

Recently, the Development and Reform Bureau of Yuhang District held a meeting of distributed photovoltaic power generation project completion and acceptance. In the meeting, the 39.38 megawatts of distributed solar project of Hangzhou Sunny Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd has successfully passed the final acceptance. The project acceptance was passed by relevant departments and experts from Hangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Yuhang District Development and Reform Bureau, Yuhang Economic and Information Bureau, Yuhang District Finance Bureau and Yuhang District Power company.

The total installed capacity of this distributed photovoltaic power generation project is 39.38 MW. The project was used in 25 companies including Hangzhou Total project completion Automobile Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Yangtze Automobile Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Nuobang Non-woven Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Boss Electric Co., Ltd and so on. All the projects have successfully incorporated into Yuhang Grid on March 6, 2016 and is expected to generate about electricity of 40 million KWH per year. Compared with the same scale of thermal power, those projects are estimated to have cumulative reduction of 14,000 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions reduction of 40,000 tons and sulfur dioxide emissions reduction of 1181 tons and save 79,000 tons of water. It will effectively optimize the energy structure, improve energy conservation and promote the development of low-carbon economic .

This 39.38 MW distributed photovoltaic project, used multiple plans including steel tile roof generating system, BIPV roof integrated power systems, concrete roof power systems and flexible roofing rooftop power generation system to provide the best energy solutions for these roof-owned companies.

This project follows the model of “self-generation of power, the rest to the Grid” . It will not only help those companies saving electricity cost, but also ease the pressure of the Grid power supply during the peak hours of power use.

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