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Sunny Energy donated a solar power to school, lighting the campus of new energy of students

Hangzhou Sunny Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. had donated a innovative laboratory solar power station to the Fuchun high school , the formal handover was hold on November 28th, 2016.

The power plant uses distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system, the total installed capacity is3.12kWp, mainly for the Fuchun High School Innovation Laboratory on the use of new energy and development of learning and research.

At the same time, Sunny three senior photovoltaic system engineers have also been hired by the school as a special teacher, will bring those PV interesting things students they don’t know and inspire their innovative thinking.

Sunny energy solar power plant construction, showing the unique charm of new energy for the school, bringing a strong impetus to cultivate students' scientific literacy, that is what Sunny can do for students. At the same time, by personally experience to the solar power station, students can more visualized understanding and paying attention to green energy, let energy-saving environm protection concept deeply into the students thinking and learning life science their childhood.

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