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The biggest PV Project in YuHang combined into the grid

On “DonghuaChain”factory roof, the 1.28MW solar project, one of the 20MW distributed PV projects which installed by Suntellite have just been finished and started combining into the grid .This is one of the biggest PV power generating projects in Yuhang City .The projects got the full support and supervised by the area reform bureau, area economic bureau, the state grid Yuhang Grid State and Yuhang economic and technological development zone . The other 11 enterprises as “Laoban electric appliance ””Mingsheng “ application of the PV projects combination to the grid have been approved and will be finished soon .

After the project putting into operation, the expected power generating capacity will reach 20.4 million KWH, compared with the same capacity of thermal power, it is expected to reduce annual 6800 tons of standard coal , 600 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions caused by the coal ,the dust emissions by 5440 tons and the emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide 19940 tons, There will be a significant effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Based on "power locally , grid locally , self-power, self-use, surplus to grid ", It will help not only on energy saving and the normal production of enterprises to realize smooth running, but also increase the peak period of development of our electricity supply and reduce power load.

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