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Tonglu county saw the grand opening ceremony of the first dealer store of Sunny Energy on Oct.

Tonglu county saw the grand opening ceremony of the first dealer store of Sunny Energy on Oct. 4th, 2016, which is also the first officially opened dealer flagship store all over China. It will become the most convenient and efficient window of Sunny Energy for one-stop residential solar system service.

Aiming at providing low-carbon green photovoltaic products for ordinary households, this store offers systematic and standardized service like professional consultation, design, installation, intelligent management, free on-grid system application, and customized and exclusive solar cleaning Energy solutions

It is reported that around one month since the store opening, there are more than 800 families have officially signed the contracts in total, in which more than 300 households had already have their PV systems installed. It shows that this store has a bright future. The opening of Sunny Energy Dealer flagship store in Tonglu will definitely bring more clean energy for this beautiful county with more than 400 thousands residents. This elegant and graceful county will also experience and enjoy more benefit from the new technology and new energy.

So far, within less than two months since the initial investment conference of Sunny Energy, in addition to Tonglu county, the dealer stores of Sunny Energy in Hangzhou, Fuyang, Lin'an, Jiande, Quzhou, Dongyang, Tongling, Anhui and other areas have also been officially opened. The development model, dealer stores, is an irresistable trend. The next step, to let more and more households have access to green energy, Sunny Energy will gradually start the planning and construction of stores in the Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and other regions, accelerate the improvement of Sunny energy photovoltaic terminal layout and drive business grow at a high-speed speed.

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