why Suntellite


For our communities and the environment, we must find sustainable
energy solutions, Solar energy is ready today. With solar power every sunray that hits your
roof is a chance to lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Competitiveness

One of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in PV industry

Established in 2006, we have accumulated abundant experience in production of solar cell and solar panel products, we are the first batch attenders of distributed PV power generation for demonstration, and one of the first group of PV production enterprises who meet “The standard of PV manufacturing industry”.

One Stop Solutions

Apart from standard TUV modules, Suntellite also manufactures small panels from 5W and above for off grid application, and we have our own professional engineering team to design, manufacture and construct complete set of stand alone PV systems, off grid solar street light , and large scale on grid power plant.


TUV Simulated Laboratory

Suntellite lab simulated with TUV lab meets the international standard. The laboratory also has the third party testing qualification. The staff in lab is also qualified.

Intelligence and technical support from Zhejiang University in upgrading solar cell efficiency and improvement of solar module production craftsmanship.

Abundant experience in OEM business for big PV distributors all over the world.

Production & Technology

Barcode system

Each production process is covered by Barcode System which can meet the requirements of monitoring and management for procedure.


Positive tolerance

Suntellite promises 0-+3% positive tolerance for solar modules.

EL Test for Twice

All modules will be tested by EL tester for twice (before and after lamination), which ensures that potential defects in cells can be detected and all the modules shipped are with A-grade cells.

With the good cells, the modules can be durable and generate more output for the final investor.

Automatic Production Lines

With advanced production line and facilities, all process is automatically run, good stable quality can be assured. Our solar cell production lines are mainly imported from Germany and USA, such as ASYS GmbH, BTU International Inc. Etc.